Katy’s V-Day (Anatomy of an Echo)

Hello lovelies. Katy had/has a mission. She shared that mission with with a few people but we didn’t believe it. Katy told someone close to her “I’m destroying Michael’s self image”. When the realization of what happened set in, when she finally revealed her memories, everything changed. I begged her to trust us, she finally jumped. Let’s talk about it.

Katy is a trauma alter. She’s the one that holds the trauma of our torture. She’s been carrying that trauma for almost 40 years.  Our memories, after what happened in that bathroom,  were completely wiped from our memory. She’s held suffering no human being should have to suffer.

Ever since that bathtub, she has been holding onto both Mark and Mike’s trauma, for them. This is expressed, in this case, Trinity from The Matrix.  Here she is, limping us along through life in a damaged, flawed reality and it wasn’t going to last much longer.


When all three of us died, she decided to take on that trauma on her own. Here she is carrying us through life, damaged. Limping us along, as best as she could. The helicopter is a representation of the trauma itself.


In grand, beautiful style, as always, Katy, “Told us exactly what we needed to hear”.

Two nights ago, she realized we (Mike + Mark) were safe on the ground and it was finally time to get out of this nightmare for herself. Our reality, the one that tortured into us was on it’s final breaths (Damaged helicopter). She limped us through life hanging onto this nightmare for long enough, it was going down.


That’s when she jumped – However, She was going to be the one to have to jump out of this living nightmare for herself, on her own, unassisted. She was going to have to trust both Mark and I and trust her abilities.

She finally jumped, for herself from our damaged reality, on 3/17/2017. It was up to her whether to go down in our old reality or trust me, in recovery and sobriety.

Just as she promised, Katy,in grand Katy style, she has destroyed the reality of the drownings and completely shattered our reality and image of who we thought we were because of torture.(Self images – Mirror).


Katy has accomplished both her goals. She truly is amazing.


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