Gotta wonder who’s out now!

Hello lovelies. Interesting observations over the last 48 hours. Completely different people (literally) in that time. Much quieter, physically calmer, much cleaner, more music and art. Katy, I’m sure has selected Amy Lee as her “Fragment” alter. She has physically appeared at least 6 times over the last 6 days (And at the time of this writing) – However, a few other personas are popping up:

  •  Mike        —  John Adams/Al Swearengen/Deniro                        
  • Mark        — Shane/Don Shipley/Chazz palminteri    
  • Katy          — Amy Lee/Jennifer Lawerence

We believe that Autism has compartmentalized 2 other major personas that can, at will, and simultaneously select from a vast database of movie echos for any one particular situation. Imagine living as three people, with three different sets of opinions for just about everything. Maddening.

The duality is, of course that we also use movies as ways to describe to others how and what we were/are feeling at any one particular moment or situation, past or present.

We coined this term because Autism only magnifies the base disorder that has been applied to it, in this case being DiD (All  our own theories).

“Has no one told you she’s not breathing”?  –Evanesence