Katy’s appearance in our late teens…(Post kidnapping) -Echo Anatomy

Hello lovelies. Katy’s appearance started very early on but this one is making more and more sense as we go. Here, Katy is chasing tornados (Which we soon did as well, shortly after seeing this movie) that have already almost gotten them all killed. Katy is chasing down her abuser, expecting answers that she isn’t going get under the guise of being a stormchaser.

We are asking Katy “How close are you going to get, ┬ábefore you get us all killed?” We are trying to talk sense into her, “Katy, the trauma in the bathroom is over” She just can’t away from chasing down, ghosts (We believe, literally). Mike and Mark are upset that she just cannot accept the fact that she saw someone she love die and she was a helpless child that couldn’t have prevented it.

Whats interesting is what she says next “You haven’t seen it miss this house and that house and come after you”. this is a direct echo (Autism), one of understanding who harmed us all. She’s telling us she saw horrible things but in the end, we didn’t. The moment of trauma split us into different people, or, persona’s.

We witness the damage and the aftermath but not the tornado itself. (Mike + Mark). In the end, Mark and Mike are telling Katy, that bad things happen and no amount of math and science will explain nor predict it. That she has us, right in front of her that love her and want only the best for her.

She’s been talking for decades and decades but there was no way for me, to connect with her. I didn’t know she existed, or Mark for that matter. Katy, you’re so lovely!

Ahhhh, recovery days.


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