Fury (Echo Anatomy) -Post Kidnapping

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Today we tackle “Fury”. This was a movie that we saw when our recovery began and it made almost no sense until we realized we were dealing with 3 people with 3 perspectives, not one person and one perspective.

If you, out there, watch movie scenes over and over and over again, it could mean something. For us, it means everything (Which is why we are sharing). Click read more!

This one was a very complicated scene, when we began obsessively watching and listening to. All day, all night, the same 2 minutes. Acting the scene out, physically, in the house. Thousands of times. What could it mean – what were Mark and Katy trying to tell me?

Turns out, this is yet another “Moment of Trauma/death” scene. This is depicting Katy’s death. She lies, seemingly dead. Mike, who has selected “Norman” as his fragment alter, run’s towards Katy, of course, I want to save her life. The Alpha, Mark, on the other hand only reacts open to her death anger and conflict. His reaction is what “Being a man” is all about. To ignore pain, get the job done, regardless of the cost. Mark is a much more black and white character, quick to react.

What’s interesting in this scene is that this conflict, Mark who has selected “Shane” (As his fragment persona), seems to relish in Mike’s pain of seeing Katy, helpless and dead. Katy wasn’t killed in France during WW2, however.

Mark, in this case, as “Shane” is pulling Mike away berating him for being a nothing, a no one. Mark as Shane is yelling “This is her DEATH, this WAR, ENJOY IT, learn from it”. The duality of this conflict has been expressed before in other films, such as “Fight Club” which was a very, very, important movie, indeed.

This scene took many months to decode (Almost a full year). This scene came along before I was ready to acknowledge and accept the fact that I had two other versions of myself living in both my body and my brain. We all knew this scene moved us, we just didn’t know how and I wasn’t listening to what they were saying.

We have been encoding our entire lives into music and movies for decades. A way to imprint the history of our lives that cannot edited by foreign hands. We had no idea WHY we were watching these movies, to the point of illness, that we were. I just wasn’t ready to hear them speak, yet and no one else really was, either.

Here we are and thanks so much for reading! 😀

M and K