Some more scribbles. Emily Ratajowski and some cello music (new life?)

  M and K here. Thanks for coming by and spending a few minutes with us. Here are some more of Katy’s scribbles. We are working on one of our characters, Freedum’s facial expressions. We are also working on some new wing designs. Katy is our beautiful, colored (we like to think of pastels and heavy, black outlining)  the side that drew trauma and was brutalized for it. Katy still shakes when she picks up a pencil. Here we are!

0322172104 Our stupid, drunken bird, Freedum.

 We are having some horrible/freaky flashback/hallucinations of something being cut or beheaded, it’s awful, awful sounds. Gawd. This could be more distractions to avoid painful truths or something worse.  Let’s listen to some cello music (Our new thirst for life?) and discuss Emily Ratajowski.

  Note to Emily Ratajowski (One of our former pin up girls), when 3/5 of the photos on the internet is of you, naked,  it isn’t big news when you get naked again. Pin up girls – models, you know back in the 80’s, early 90’s didn’t reveal a tremendous amount of flesh for a reason.

  The TRUE allure of sexuality is, “What could be” as opposed to “Oh there it is”. It’s not about what you’re showing off, it’s about what you’re NOT showing off.

  Allure isn’t sexuality, it’s sensuality. Confusing, we know.

  M and K