Victim/survivor mentality.

Hello lovelies. Another night conquered. I have heard, a few people in the media lately referring to themselves as “Victims” of sexual abuse, abuse, whatever.

If there has been anything we have learned in recovery is that we never left that bathroom and what happened there, that’s, our greater truth. We got stuck, never to approach a bathroom again, in suspended animation until, our recovery began. One thing we have learned about victimhood:

Victims are never answerable to their own behavior. As long as we, you, whoever, refer’s themselves as “victims” will always be seeking some kind of benefit from that label either personally or professionally.

Survivors have taken back the power that was taken from them for the sake of taking back their power, for themselves. For us, it’s the truth that we avoided because it was tortured out of us and suppressed. It was suppressed because we have a secret and that secret was drawn once before. We are still drawing, shaking while while we do it but we do it and we are always terrified when we draw, of what, drawing itself.

We would much rather be survivors with the truth that we can understand, rather than being victims that never evolve. Call us crazy (Which we aren’t) give us a survivor’s story, not a victim’s story.

M and K