Happy Friday, lovelies! :D

  Hello lovelies! The work week is almost over, hang in there a bit longer! 😀

  Having a tough recovery day? Hang in there. If anyone understands how rough recovery is, it’s us. Recovery will NEVER be easy – Keep fighting and don’t stop fighting. Get back up, dust yourself off and prepare for more ass kickings. It’s only going to get harder, not easier. We love you,  not matter who you are or where you are in recovery. We understand how hard it is.

  We had added a link below. Before our recoveries started, we echoed A LOT of motivational speakers, which have become “Fragmentation Alters”. We will write more about Fragmentation alters/persona’s later today or tonight. Somewhere along the lines before our recovery started, our brain already knew what was coming and was preparing.

  Keep working your recovery plans, lovelies. Don’t stop, don’t quit, don’t give up.