Recovery days, ah, yes. :)

  Hello lovelies! Thank you so much for stopping by. We hope your Friday is going well.

Today, Me, Mark and Katy have been battling for control. The morning began with chores and Mark giving me a good ear/mindful of insults.

Katy received a very, very special gift. For all the horror, for all the suffering, for 3 lives destroyed, we truly are blessed. Katy doesn’t know how to react yet past being happy.

Mark is pissed Katy is lurking about. Madness, we know, but this is life without the band aid pills we were poisoned with.

  For those of you in recovery, the middle or just beginning, perhaps, too, your family members will say the “Don’t care about you”. Before you snap to anger, as we did, observe. Observe, observe. Our own sister, tells our therapist that “She’s done! I don’t care!!”. Our sister spoke about us (In very non complimentary terms, understandable) for over 3 hour’s with our therapist. Her actions aren’t matching her words.

  People that don’t care, don’t care. Think about the things you don’t care about. Do you spend hours on end thinking and speaking about those things? Nope. It’s like us and football. We don’t care, so we don’t speak of it. (Get over it, we don’t care about football)

The people in your life saw, just as ours did, the worst of our illness and not even all of it – Part of recovery is facing the anger of those you have affected/harmed in illness. Take care, however and observe those close to you that are watching you go through the horror of recovery. Those closest, those that know you the most, may CLAIM they don’t care. Screw their words. Watch and consider their actions. Everyone will talk because words don’t cost anything. Action does. Observe action(s) in recovery.

We believe the root to recovery is being observant of yourself. Hyper observant – It must become an obsession. Learning to teach those close to you how to be observant of your behavior is important, too.

  Other’s that can learn to understand your illness and how you react to it can become a powerful tool in your recovery. They can help identify when you may be having problems and assist you. Those are the people that truly “care” about you.

   Question we posed to our therapist. When we were pulled from the child care center we were in, to hide a very big secret, our adoptive mother said something to us. “If we knew how much trouble you were going to be, we wouldn’t have adopted you”. We asked our therapist the question – Then why not give us up then?

 We know what it is, a family secret hidden for quite some time. Scary shit, lovelies.