Speaking in our native language. (updated)

Hello lovelies. We always used to say, “You can’t understand what we have been through”. We have ignored our love of sound for decades out of imagination suppression due to trauma. We can share what it sounds and feels like to come out of a split and into another reality with Autism magnifying the problem..

This is when you come back to reality so to speak, in your own head as an alter has taken over for a day, a week, a month and everything is out of focus. You are living second to second,  everything is out of focus, on one plane of existence until another split occurs.

It’s the guitar in the background that you hear that comes to a grinding, messy, static immediate halt. (All you have to do is click the link)


THAT is what is sounds and feels like when your mind comes to a screeching halt and your reality changes. Your life, who you are, where you are, comes back into scary focus,  depending which alter has become dominant  and which fragmentation personas are activated. More on this soon.