Beautiful model OR

Hello lovelies! 😀 What a crazy day indeed. Pretty soon, after some coffee we are going to start working on how Persona Fragmentation works.  But just for fun we decided to give you an idea how confusing it can be to live with DiD magnified by Autism. (This will be fun, trust us).

  Being trapped in one male’s body, seeing videos of this beautiful woman above comes with serious issues and confusion. As you can see in previous post, Katy selects women for her particular mood, her life story, her fears, everything.

  Imagine looking at a beautiful woman and not really understanding WHY you are looking at her so curiously. We know you’re saying, “Who wouldn’t love a woman in underwear?”. It goes much deeper than that.

  Before we know what’s happening, Katy is studying everything about this woman. The way she moves, the way she cocks her head, everything. We cock our head, strike particular poses, we learn how this woman is moving and behaving. This is known as “Echoing”. Until you realize you are doing it, it’s just second nature and unaware you are studying someone for an echo. 

  So, in the end it’s not REALLY about a woman modeling in underwear, it’s Katy trying to express how beautiful she feels after what she has survived. She still feels lovely and wants attention – However being stuck in a male’s body, it becomes confusing and can become dangerous. 

  Told ya it would be fun!


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