Cannot sleep. Remembering AA (Yuck)

  Hello lovelies! M and K here. Can’t sleep. Was remembering my days in AA – which is just religious dogma, packed into another awful box. I think a group pushing a religious agenda to those that are the lowest in their lives, is well, low.

  For those of you lovely souls in self recovery and your trying to dry out, be careful with your stepwork. If you don’t feel comfortable with sharing deep and revealing information about your past life during your fourth step, don’t.

  If you’re ashamed/afraid to share, there’s a reason you don’t want to share it. Don’t – Listen to the alarm bell, it’s there for a reason. Talk to a friend, ask for someone else’s opinion before you start talking about the painful things during your 4th step with your sponsor.

  We were told that unless we did our 4th step “properly”, we might drink, again. It seemed my sponsor was trying to force this idea that we had to share everything about our lives we were ashamed of, the “reasons” why we drank.

  We never did and we thank God, we didn’t. We were extremely ill the first time we tried drying out – Not really in a place to question the mighty (but biased human) sponsor about the process of staying sober. Many people in AA have nothing left and will do just about anything to try and stay sober.

The more we think about it, it seems rather sleezily under handed. Take shattered people, force the to confess their inner most secrets to someone they barely know – That for any reason, can be used against them for God only knows what.

 If you’re trying to sober up and your doing on your own, firstly, be proud of yourself. Most people don’t have the nerve to walk through that door and ask for help. How you choose to walk your path of sobriety, as long as it works for you, is good – AA or no AA.

We are proud of you and wish you well. If you ever want to reach out to us, if you’re lonely and feel like you want to use again, we will listen!

 M and K