Same drugs, same message.

Gotta love these drug companies. These pysch pills ads suggests that if you suffer from depression, you can just take their pill! Wallawooah, depression be gone. Never mind that these pills may actually, physically kill you, too. Chances are good that you won’t die though and you won’t have solved your own problems and now your brain chemistry (and body) are affected and modified. It’s Russian roulette, which your trying to avoid in the first place!

We will spare you the cost of the doctor’s visit. Instead of reacting to depression by dumping yet another band aid in the black hole, ask yourself the question the ads aren’t asking.

A simple one.

WHY are you depressed?

Ask yourself the question the pill wants you to ignore.

The answer isn’t a pill, the answer(s) are in your own mind. We are being taught to avoid our own minds, our feelings, our true emotions. To rely upon something else to mask the pain we all must face as humans. It’s a true shame. Mark and Katy know this all too well, too.