New moment of trauma (MOT) FINALLY identified. (updated)

**Update** Sorry for the typo’s guys, this was a difficult one to write.

Hello lovelies. Busy, busy day. Lots of house cleaning. We were going to start writing our new article up. Before we start,  we can finally let go of a scene that Mark/mike/katy have been screaming for, decades. We have seen this scene, literally at least a million times and spent countless decades stuck in hell, watching this on repeat, over and over and over again. Why? Because I wasn’t ready to listen to what Katy and Mark were saying.

This is Mark/Mikes/Katy’s moment of trauma. A little girl on a swing. This scene put us in mental hospitals on a few occasions. Why is the swing important? When we were kids, we used to swing, a lot. Why the little girl? It’s Katy, not Mike. Imagine the confusion. We didn’t know DiD even existed in our lives (nor Autism), for decades.

Finally. We never have to watch this God forsaken video again.