Moment Of Meeting (MoM) – During/Post Trauma

Late night. The first of a few confirmed “Moment Of Meeting” (MoM) movies that we endlessly echoed as a kid. The theme, yet again is drowning. This woman saves Hanks from drowning. Twice.kayleighMOM.gif
She saved Hanks from drowning, as a child as well. This was a movie about Hanks conquering his fear of water and loving the woman that saved him. Even though she was different, Hanks realized he loved her. Despite what she considered ugly, about herself, which made her even more beautiful to Hanks.

We won’t spoil the surprises but this was a hard one for us to put down, we just never knew why.

This movie, also, was released in 1984, another year that has come up yet again (Like a bad rash). This is the moment we met, after our horrific trauma had happened and other forms of abuse were already happening. The number 3 also appears in this movie. You’re lovely Katy and you have always been beautiful. They didn’t take it away from you.