Monday LOL’s

Hello lovelies! We have updated the site with some new links (We will be adding in art as well). I/we believe we all have to laugh at ourselves. This is, well, almost exactly what it’s like when an alter decides to take over. What makes this so funny is that reality kind of shifts, as Carrey’s does. What’s even funnier/odder/perplexing is that Alters hear and respond to things differently.

  Mark, who holds fury, rage and compartmentalized trauma is ready to snap at anyone for anything. Someone could give Mike/Mark a doughnut and say “Good morning” with a smile on their face, and Mark would be getting ready for war. The world has ended. As unbelievable as this is to share with you, they (Mike. Mark and Katy) hear and interpret people very differently. Mind bending, scary stuff.

And hilarious at the same time, at the right time.

M and K