Recovery LOL’s.

Hello lovelies. I’m letting Katy peek out a bit and was describing the cotton candy we were eating as “unsettling”. LOL. This cotton candy tasted and felt weird.

  Katy slipped up and revealed a new, Persona Fragment, Bunny. (Forehead slap) This is the woman who does the whole “Does this thing really work!?!?” thing on youtube. Thankfully, we are finding more and more persona fragments (Usually through method acting/echoing).

  Now, Katy loves it, that’s great. However, Mike’s kinda like, “Promoting the black pit of personal apathy to dump stuff in? No thanks. We have more important things to do.

The Alpha side, is saying “This….is NOT going to happen”. Alters can argue, fight and be in open conflict with eachother, all the time. The DiD struggle is real.

Have a laugh on us cause we are!

M and K