Well this is frightening. (Deleted?)

Hello lovelies! We hope you are all survivin’ Monday. Thanks for stopping by today!  Really glad you are here and hope this blog helps another survivor. This post, mysteriously disappeared,vanished – As if we never wrote it.

We are doing house stuff. That’s when it hit us. There was a scene from the epic (but HIGHLY unrealistic) Kingdom Of Heaven. We remember echoing this scene to numerous people, perplexed as to why, why, why, why were we spending hours, playing this, stuck on repeat.  Absolutely no idea why we were crying, every single time we hit that << button, over and over again.

We are trying to track down those we have shared it with. Trying to identify which alter (Pretty sure it’s Katy) was saying this to those that are close to us. We are getting close to the truth. Death and water. Mother and Son (Child). We are close. Why not give us back, if we were the devil you called us?

  Now, this is truly frightening. We mean, FRIGHTENING. Wow. We don’t know what to say but it makes perfect F****** sense, now. Now this scene finally makes sense. Katy and Mark telling me what happened to us.

We, honestly don’t know what to say. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. We just. We just don’t know what to say.


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