Target triggers we missed for decades

We hope this one helps someone else with Autism/DiD. Just as the number 3 popped up, as early as it did, we missed it because we didn’t know we were supposed to be looking for  – Target triggers. This, links itself back to persona fragmentation by an alter(s) of mine – Katy.

For Katy, she has always selected personas that had the same basic look. We are pretty sure this is DiD magnified by Autism (Affinity):

  • Expressionless face. (Masking trauma?)
  • Hair split right down the center (Primarily, Brunettes)
  • Usually a very small, compact body
  • Baby face (eyes)
  • Lone persona fragmentation(s)

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It’s so beautiful simple, yet beautifully complex and it’s all based in math! That’s what we as a collective, find interesting.

Autism. Patterns, patterns, patterns.  Have you noticed your patterns, too?