This is exactly what realizing you’re multiple people is exactly like.

We mean, DEAD on. Coming to the realization that your multiple people is like being hit with a train you can’t see. It’s just, “Holy shit”, really? We are so happy that we can share with others what it’s really like to come to these kinds of conclusions – To show you what’s the most realistic.

Life shattering, liberating, terrifying, amazing, sickening and lovely.  I don’t visually see Katy or Mark (yet?), however – We do physically (fights, scenes, ect) echo, that is dead on.

We have the same, consistent theme. 3. Durden, Norton, Marla. Autism/DiD persona fragmentations(s) – (Direct echos):

  • Mark (Alpha): Tyler Durden
  • Mike (Beta): Ed Norton
  • Katy  (Female): Marla

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