Moment of Realization and conflict in recovery.


3 Children drowned by their mother, Teddy’s (Decaprio) wife. 1 girl (Katy) and two boys (Mike and Mark). Shutter Island became a very, very serious problem from the beginning. We would spend hours sobbing over the same scene(s) we had seen a million times before.

The same theme, yet again. 3. Water. Drowning. Death. Children. This is the only way we could, at the time of trauma encode our lives into something that no one could modify. Math, pure and simple math. The problem is, I didn’t even know I was doing it, up until recovery actually started.

We were spinning closer and closer to the pit of hell itself, recreating the same trauma, millions of times – That’s when recovery really started for all of us. This movie gave us nightmares.

Looking back, in recovery, what were the blatant signs you were missing or if you’re starting recovery, how self aware are you? Are you starting to see patterns with your own behaviors?



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