Yosemite Sam. Angry guy or misunderstood miscreant?

Hello lovelies. We hope your Sunday is lovely and wonderful. One of the cherished memories I will have is us and our brother watching Saturday morning cartoons. We will take those memories with us to the grave. Slivers of light, happiness in the dark.

Both of us liked, of course, Yosemite Sam. Angry? Sure. Crazy. Yep. However, a totally misunderstood character that we think is a great mirror for many in recovery but only speaking for us. Cartoon characters can be alters and we know of at least 3 persona fragmentations that are cartoon characters.

Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Before the internet? Before cell phones.

Oh poor Yosemite Sam. Whenever we see him, he’s angry and trying to prove to bugs bunny how big and bad ass he is. Unfortunately, Yosemite Sam ends up going crazy. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Whenever the rootin’ist tootin’ist, Bobcat of the West decides to hunt down Bugs Bunny, Yosemite ends up falling into his own trap(s), repeatedly. ¬†Mark is a lot like Yosemite in the sense that he falls victim to his own, lets keep it real, grandiosity. Just as we are sure many others in recovery from DiD end up in the same trap.

Mark and Yosemite, (perhaps you too?) share the same traits. Both Mark and Yosemite fail to plan. No afterthought and no forethought of consequences (Alter dominance), just the immediate task at hand, grabbing the stupid galloot, Bugs Bunny – regardless of the consequences.

Personally, we think Yosemite is high on meth whenever he meets Bugs Bunny. What’s interesting is that Mark’s persona fragmentations are usually over amplified sense of the alpha male, much like Yosemite Sam. Mark has expressed his own versions of what conflict and resolution are.

Mark’s persona fragmentation(s) (“Frags”) are conflict based personas. A perfect example of this is “Shane” from Fury. Conflict is what Mark enjoys and if you can believe this, learns during those moments of conflict. This is also another theme, conflict based learning.

How do you alters personify themselves? Do you know when they begin to take over, how does it feel for you? For us it seems, when Mark is dominant, he/we cannot be talked out of anything- we just have to catch the durden idget, Bugs Bunny. Just as Yosemite Sam never see’s the cannon right behind him, Mark never see’s the obvious nor the consequences of having his eyes closed while Bugs Bunny escapes as the wick burns.

Yosemite and Mark also share the need to make sure everyone in the bar knows that he’s the most rootin’ist, shootin’ist Bobcat in the West. We feel that’s Mark’s sense of Alpha is so personified at times, it’s almost, comical – In relation to the inverse side myself. His need to prove to Katy, Mike and the rest of the world¬†how tough and smart he is, he forgets, however that he exists in a self made vacuum. Just as Yosemite does. Bugs Bunny’s reply Mark should listen to…”AHHHHHH SHUT UP!”.

The funniest tie together that Mark and Yosemite Sam share the fact that they fall too short of their self perceived, over-amplified sense of grandiosity in the face of common sense logic – Even their bark fails to impress, unbeknownst to them. Do you find alters or alter structures that follow the same path(s)? Before your recovery, did you find others battling these kinds of over amplified male or female?

Ya durdned Idget, That’s mah new hat!!

M and K