Subtle, subtle connections…

Hello lovelies. What’s the most scary about our recovery up to date is how subtle Mark and Katy make themselves known. Imagine yourself drawing a cross on a Bible but not really realizing WHY you keep repeatedly drawing the same image. At first, you’re thinkin’, “hey I’m just here, drawing a cross on a Bible”, but for no apparent reason.

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Problem is, I’m not religious nor accept religious dogma as anything other than dogma. So why draw crosses on Bibles? We hated Catholic school and always hated the idea of religion (which is explainable, now).

Mark’s Alpha persona fragment, Max Cady, as you can see has a tattoo of a cross on a Bible, along with a knife, we have drawn, many times before, for no, apparent reason. Makes sense now, of course. Max Cady became Mark’s comparmentalized anger, trauma and fury.

Where you will learn about loss! Loss of freedom! Loss of humanity!Now you and I will TRULY be the same, counselor!”

The tiny subtle differences have meant the world to our recoveries…how about yours?