Quick movie decode (Speaking in our native language)

  Hello lovelies! ;D This scene (and other scenes in this movie) haunted us for decades. We now know what it means. It’s a literal echo disguised (Or interpreted) as a metaphorical one. For a many years, We thought this was about chaos between SEAL’s and Marines (potential alters conflicting with eachother). Nope.

The Message?

  Stop killing in the shower.

The conflict takes place in the prison shower.

  Do you find you obsess over the same things, over and over again? Obsessing, losing stuff, music, echoing…what are your patterns and what do they mean to you? For us it began by noting the same things we did, day in and day out, second by second – Trying to find patterns, numbers and the same consistent themes.

  Once we had started self observing, the numbers and patterns started to scream at us. Do you think your own patterns could mean something deeper?