Another “Oh shit” moment. (Recovery day)

We have had a thing with death and coffins our entire lives and didn’t even realize it. We didn’t know we were drawing coffins until someone pointed out that most of our drawings looked like coffins and effigies. We used to design 3D coffins, all the time long before we DARED pick up a pencil but never asked why. We became masters at digging holes, for apparently no reason as children, all over the yard (And other’s yards). This explains even more of that behavior that no doctor or professional could explain, either.

Well this just hit all of us like a sack of bricks.


This is light shining INTO our coffins, springing forth new life (Perhaps in music?) !! Look again!  The coffin obsession began long ago, long before we were ready to face the truth of what happened to us and has been expressed in popular media, many, many times.

Did you see the encoding of the number 3 again?

Recovery is interesting. Just like we were talking about, we don’t know about you, the obvious has been sitting in front of us for decades. <forehead slap> Even when you’re looking right at it. Hello humble pie, may I have another slice?


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