Drawing in silence. Scary weird.

Hello lovelies. Multiple people in our lives have told us, our lives are never quiet. Always music, movie scenes, something. Anything. I think, finally since I have started listening to them, the don’t need to scream anymore.

Silence is weird. I can hear every single teensy sound. I’m trying to fight the need to be constantly engaged with sound of some sort. Weird to be in silence for a while. Creepy.


We are coining a new term. Artistic Co-engagement. I/we have always artists our whole lives. We were taught not to draw, so we had to find something artistic to do that didn’t frighten us. 3D modeling saved our lives in many more ways than one but it didn’t feel right as art, to us.

So 3D modeling became our form of drawing but wasn’t nearly as fulfilling as drawing. is for us. We partially engaged the artistic side of us, it seems, as a means of survival through the really dark years using computers instead of lead.

This does The challenge I/we are facing is learning not only to draw but how to make things look worn down without overdoing it, like with the wood of the coffin above.