Mark’s Logic (Dominant alter)

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. Mark and Mike both use many different persona’s that Brad Pitt portrays. Mark utilizes Tyler Durden in many, many situations. Both subtle and not so subtle. Mark, in his failure of logic falls prey to his own rhetoric.

Tyler Durden, or Mark, likes bang the drum against capitalism and pretty much any form of government. Return to the days of hunting with bows. His rants include the ideaology (Which I agree with) that corporations have destroyed the idea of what “being a man” is all about. Lovely rant, I’m sure impresses the ladies (and it did for us) – Impressive logical analysis, no man, I think would argue with.

Unfortunately, just like Mark makes the mistake of thinking his logic is the only one on Earth, Durden fails to see his own failure of logic. Durden smokes.  Durden is supporting the one thing his entire thesis is based upon. Corporations that produce cigarettes. Just like Durden, Mark cannot see the 4th wall either.

Bear in mind of course, Mark and Mike can select multiple version’s of Brad Pitt’s characters, which ideologically conflict with each other. One persona fragmentation is Brad Pitt as Durden, turned anarchist – Another persona fragmentation, Brad Pitt is a detective with a sense of law, order and justice.

Under these conditions, things can get ugly, fast – especially when you don’t know you have split into someone else, for an unknown amount of time. Conflicts of logic from all of our persona fragmentations means we can never have one opinion on anything. Ugly, twisted ball of wires. Yikes.

The way we all see it, perhaps the best way to bring Mark back into the fold of reality, we need to deconstruct all of Mark’s Persona Fragmentations. Show Mark the fourth wall – his failures of logic from all of his persona frags.

Sounds good to us