“News anchor learns her husband died in story she’s reporting”

We ask you. Is it crazy to speak in our native language? Is it crazy to refer to yourself in multiple perspectives to survive and deal severe trauma?

We believe everyone and we mean EVERYONE is mentally ill. The above headline was taken from CNN. We ask you, who wants to witness in other’s personal tragedy? Is it healthy to witness human tragedies turned entertainment?

Are you avoiding/recreating your own pain by witnessing other’s?? When and how does one define mental illness if society itself is sick? If everyone, in some way suffers from mental health issues, who is really to point the finger at the “Mentally Ill”?

Is taking a pill to try and avoid human emotions, which includes depression and sadness,  the actions of a sane person? We are locked in perpetual debt, war and division of every societal class possible. Of course your sad, of course other’s are sad. The answer is in why do you feel the way you do. Why do you want to avoid hard truths by swallowing a band aid.

We ask you, how does one define mental illness, if everyone is suffering?



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