Recovery poetry.

Paper Flowers

Only if I knew,
You have shrieked just like I have…
Only if you knew,
everyone’s screams have haunted me.

You know the truth even if you think you don’t,
The monster you fear me to be never existed.
Only if you knew how much you have been missed,
Only if I knew about the twisted truths you have accepted.

Only if you knew the moments we shared, I cherish,
even the tears I have seen you wipe away broke my heart…
Only if I knew you were harmed – I would have protected you,
Only if we knew the truth….

There was no time to hold you through the hard times,
I would have fought the shadows that prey upon you…
Our field of paper flowers was folded with fingers of fire,
now smoldering – ashes, frozen with truth of time.

You were the flickering light in the darkness,
I reached for so many times but always managed to extinquish,
Only if I knew how much I really love you,
Only if you knew you saved my life long before you hated it.