Katy may be becoming dominant. (I think)

Hello lovelies! Thanks for stopping by and taking time out of your schedule to read our scribblings. We are glad you are here. Do you suffer from DiD? What seem to be your triggers? Are you scared when a split starts? Because I/we are. Really scary.

Every priority, every life goal, every desire, even your bathing, eating habits and sleeping habits, change. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.  Over the last two days, my entire mindset has grinded to a halt. Does this happen to you as well?


I have caught Katy over the last few days, seeping out (Echoing). I’m starting to wonder the odd stimming (At first thought to be convulsions) that we partake is trauma recreation (Fear, Shock, Covering eyes with clenched fists), which I theorize causes a dominant split.  We had some more of these stims/convulsion/trauma recreations last night. The dogs, are particularly frightened of them.

I have noted the same persona fragmentation patterns. Whoever is becoming dominant is:

  1. Clean freak.
  2. Very singular. A loner? (Jennifer Lawrence?)
  3. Hand drawn artist.
  4. Refuses to sleep at night.
  5. Easy to overwhelm.
  6. Refuses to go near bathrooms (Night, avoidance behavior)
  7. Listening to Evanesence for days.
  8. Extremely quiet.
  9. Extremely sensitive to noise.
  10. Enjoys moments of silence (This is new for us)
  11. Doesn’t eat much (Raccoon like eating habits, night).
  12. Respectful of other’s time and comfort.
  13. Oddly realistic sense of consequence(s) (SOC)
    ^ We believe this is a good indicator of how “in focus” we are with reality around us.

How did you become aware that you started to split for the first time? Did you too, start to detect your own weird behavior with the same questions of “why”? It’s ALWAYS freaky to us. Everything, every thought and opinion you have totally changes from one extreme to the other. It’s maddening – For a few weeks or months you expend huge amounts of energy on a project, life goal, whatever and then the next day, all of it’s immaterial.

We still say, we have to stay away from pysch pills and learn to live with this as is – one day the pills may run out. Better safe and happier than sorry.

M and K