Jefferson Persona Fragmentation (There is no war!)

Hello lovelies! Thanks for stopping by out of your busy day to read our blog. Long before I realized/self diagnosed I was dealing with DiD, I had already started echoing many of the characters from the HBO show “John Adams”. I have a feeling this is a Mike/Katy fragmentation model, as there aren’t really any angry, vengeful characters in this series.

As my family and friends learn more about DiD, they seem to be more comfortable with us echoing with them, now that they understand the context of the condition(s) we are dealing with  – This arrangement helps me/us as well, as this is our native form of communication. Sometimes, it’s odd creepy for everyone involved to speak to me in different terms – but it works extremely well, finally.

Thinking about Syria, thinking about North Korea and the drumbeats for war, the only thing that was can echo is one of our favorite characters, Thomas Jefferson. “There is no war!”.

What we are trying to get across is that if you, yourself, the reader walked up to us and asked “What do you think of the war in Syria…” our response would be exactly the same as Jefferson, above. Down to his voice, timing of words and especially the glare. This is known as a direct, physical echo. “There is no war!”

We are physically echoing a response that we seen/practiced/memorized thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of times and have applied it for any particular social (And personal) situation. This is the way we learned to communicate as very small children.

The message: The more of a movie character you become, the safer you become. You were traumatized/drowned because being ourselves, was, life threatening. To survive, we had to become anything other than ourselves.

At this point in recovery, we are studying our own behavior and trying to spot persona fragmentations as they happen, in real time. It’s very tricky and takes a lot of patience and time. It is, however, slowly paying off. More and more.

M/M and K