Sunday Scribbles

Hello lovelies! 😀 Thank you for taking your time to come to our blog. So, our therapist suggested we draw Yosemite Sam. Just as other forms of media, Saturday morning cartoons with my adoptive brother were the happiest times I had with him. We wrote a piece not too long ago about how Yosemite Sam was a lot like Mark, one of my alters.


Katy and the rest of us shook as we started drawing Yosemite from a reference drawing. We are beginning to see how terrified we actually are to pick up a pencil. Every stroke we draw, my mind is saying, “Give up, you can’t draw, you’re not an artist”. It’s very odd to be oddly terrified of something we love.

It took a bit to realize that drawing, art and color is a form of safety that we simply couldn’t access. There are aspects of drawing, in some ways, that are a lot like flying a Cessna – liberating is a good word to describe it. We are taken back to Robert Deniro’s line in “The Bronx Tale”, “There’s nothing worth than wasted talent”. I see drawings like this and totally understand.

Part of the group I was in detested/rejected/ main stream media, so drawing things like this is just going to fuel controversy. Screw it though. This is one of the reasons we left that particular group. Art is meant to be shared.

Here are some more drawings that Katy has been scribbling over the last few days!