The way of quantum physics. The WHY.

Hello lovelies. One of the ways that we relax after a shitty recovery day is playing Grand Theft Auto. The more we play the game, the more we see a direct link to our running theory that our entire existence is a quantum simulation, stacked upon running games of constant conflict and resolution. Also note, the helix formations that start to appear between running games (Simulation base programs).

We designed this model months ago, as a form of artistic co-engagement that was applied to a dominant alter (Mark —>Cooper).


Screw whether the Earth is a spinning oblate spheroid, flat or rectangular. We want to know what reality itself is. We already know the shape of Earth, so no need even ask the question.

The theory of WHY we are here, our reality, however, we think you might be interested in.

Grand Theft Auto is a video game that has a massive open world video game that simulates the life of a major city. Traffic, people, police, fires, air traffic (Even geoengineering! are presented to the game player. You can decide to play through the entire game, existing and interacting with this digital world with it’s own unique characters.

Or you can decide to run amok and cause chaos. The choice to do so is yours, and yours alone. Incite violence, police chases, rob banks, or exist as a regular citizen doing regular citizen things.

A very beautiful, by the way, virtual world.

The more we think about it, consider this: Is it so hard to believe that given the fact that art imitates life, we may be simulating our own reality? We come back to the WHY. The very question that every human has always asked. WHY the HELL are we here. What are we to do while we are here?


Consider this idea. Let’s say you are a computer programmer who programs a world like Grand Theft Auto and convinces the characters that their world is real and they themselves, are real. Imagine for a moment you cross the gap and make a computer program believe itself to be real flesh and blood, autonomous and free to make their own decisions and learn -the creations of Artificial Intelligence.

You have a problem.  You want to become rich and you are a frustrated artist. You wish you could draw but you don’t have mind to open just create characters. You want to say, make a cartoon of some type. What to do?


You peer into the computer world that you have created by accessing the front end (Or even the Quantum pipe itself, of the programmed world). These computer programs (humans?), in their world as perceived as “Real” to them produce hundreds of millions of different artist characters. Every human on the Earth is a potential source of artistic talent (Among thousands if not millions of different data sets from each, individual human).

And poof, just like that, Yosemite Sam has been visualized and created for you by accessing the human;s “world”. You can now take your Yosemite Sam character that you have pulled from their world into your’s and now you can become rich with a character that cost you nothing to create.

It was created by Artificial Intelligence that believed itself to be a “real” in the human sense of the world. Imagine the technologies, arts, scientific systems, military technologies, music and sounds that Artificial Intelligence created that you can capitalize and benefit from in some way, shape or form.

Want to write a computer based world where warfare is the only outcome of an entire world populated by hundreds of millions of programs (Humans) over the span of thousands of years (Time compression)? Do you want to see what kind of infinitely possible military technologies can come from a computer realm you design? How can you capitalize on a possible superior military technology that cost you nothing more than the keystrokes to design the world and it’s underlying base games (War – Peace)

Perhaps another way to look at this is to create world upon world where the entire world’s existence to rise from the dirt, to an economic powerhouse, until it’s final, programmed demise at a set time and date (Time compression). Imagine creating thousands of different realms with these parameters. Imagine being able to access infinitely different versions of economic models that could, perhaps, save your, world, the programmer.

One could potentially have infinite amounts of constant data that could be monetized and capitalized on, in some way shape or form. Need to listen to some really weird but oddly cool music? Plug into a world and listen away.

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

If we observe birds, trees, oceans, the sun, the moon, bugs and plants, who’s observing humans and why? Is free will free will because it’s being observed for a reason? If so why? How can something or someone else capitalize upon humans, or the entire realm if we assume that we, too are being observed?


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