Nobody Cares (Mark’s persona fragmentation)

A Bronx Tale was a HUGE movie for us. Both Mark and myself have echoed this movie, many, many times. This movie we saw was after our kidnapping and ripe with life lessons and philosophical arguments that have suited us well, so far and debating as well. Mark has chosen Chaz Palmentari many times as a dominant structure we we still echo “Sonny” to this day.

Nobody cares. Especially when it came to sports. I/we played a few different sports in high school (At the children’s home we were placed into, and middle school) and never understood the point. We would have rather been off reading history,  studying physics, flight and weather. We always seemed much more apt for engineering and art, history and military strategy.

Instead of  cheering for our team, we would rather keep an eye on the Geoengineering and the collapse of the bee colonies in our country. There are so many things happening in our world that requires our  attention.  Instead of worrying about the big game, we would rather be focused on things that actually matter and affect those around us.

M and K