Mandela Effect and Quantum Physics?

Our theory of life being a quantum simulation is only strengthened with the application of the Mandela Effect.

Let’s assume for a moment, our world/reality is a quantum simulation. Looks real, feels real but in the end, isn’t real (Think The Matrix). Let’s say you were the programmer who designed a realm and allowed it to progress on it’s own.


In this case, of our design above,
1 would be 0 and 2 would be 1 equal to a quantum bit. Computers today using binary code. 0 and 1. A Qubit is both 0 and 1 (Short answer). We tried to make it a bit easier to understand using 1’s and 2’s (for us) but we don’t think the effect worked well. We will make a new design! 😀 Definition of a Qubit is here.

Our reality, we believe is a quantum based one. Not 0 nor 1 (With insane exponential program/simulation growth).

You at some point wanted to make a change in the realm itself. Perhaps a change a movie title, the name of a national park. Perhaps you didn’t want your digital AI creatures understanding their own history. Maybe, let’s say, you wanted to erase their early history. You didn’t want them knowing they almost destroyed themselves during a world war.

Whatever the case may be, you wanted to make a change to the realm, in some way, shape or form that affects the AI creatures realm. You choose, eventually, that you want to completely erase your creature’s world war from their written and oral histories. Perhaps you don’t want them remembering how bad the first one was because you want to witness another war from them.

As someone who formally programmed video games (RVS) and modifications for video games in our younger years we can tell you one thing. You make changes to code SLOWLY and very subtly. We spent years building 3D worlds for video games and high resolution renderings (selling them) and writing codes for game engines – rapid, large changes to programs can lead to shenanigans.

Let’s say you wanted to remove, perhaps, the name of dictator’s secretary. Something very small, very, very subtle and something no one would really care about and notice. Where would you make this change? Start erasing history, slowly name by name and work your way out, up and down.

At the database level. You change that secretary’s name from Cary to Carrie. A quick edit inside the realm’s database and history has been completely changed that most will never notice. This change is reflected in any media that Cary’s name showed up in. Newspapers, movies, books, obituaries, everything. History has just now been changed.

The Mandella Effect has been displayed numerous times, including in the film “Moonraker”. Head to Youtube and type in “Mandella Effect moonraker”. Or you could save yourself a heap of time and just play the video below:

That woman, Dolly, had BRACES in the movie Moonraker. We remember it well. It was the thing that connected Jaws and Dolly – the one thing they had in common. However, it’s been erased, or edited out. People have gone back to the VHS versions of their copies of Moonraker. Low and behold, Dolly’s braces are missing from their versions as well. They cannot explain as to why this may be. I think this can be explained, rather easily.

If we are truly are living in a simulation, if a programmer edited out the fact that Dolly had braces with a keystroke at the database level, anything that displayed this information would be instantly updated with the edit (Or correction). In this case, the edit was a small change but with huge consequences if it’s noticed by the AI creatures in the simulation – That’s the “Glitch” in the “matrix”, the Mandella Effect.

This is why anything that contained Dolly’s braces has simply been edited out of existence, as we, as humans understand it. What’s really exciting to think about is how the multi-verse theory (The Butterfly Effect) would and can tie in with quantum physics. Perhaps the GUY (Some will get the reference) that was supposed to make the braces for Dolly in Moonraker never happened – and it cost him his job he ended up homeless and his wife ended up with the milkman.

“A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”. We are getting close to the truth of things. Very, very exciting times.

MM and K.