Inception: Dreams or the Quantum Wave? (Data pipe)

We know we are spun up and splitting, and it looks like someone who enjoys science is trying to peek his/her head out for a bit so we though we would keep writing. We are doing house stuff and Inception is playing.

If someone had access to the quantum wave, or the pipe of quantum data our simulated reality exists in, I/we would imagine that it would look like Inception’s dreams sequences. Actualized dreams – That’s what I believe is happening when we sleep, we are accessing the un-collapsed quantum wave (Or it’s function) itself.

Dreams never have resolution. There’s only one thing on Earth that fits that model. Quantum physics – The wave of infinite possibility. There is never resolution in the quantum wave, only when it has collapsed – When the wave knows when it’s being observed.


When our eyes are closed and we are sleeping we are no longer visually observing the collapsed quantum wave, known as “reality” or consciousness (Game Resolution). This is why I/we believe our dreams are so random and have no sense of time. Dreams are a function of our simulated reality.

What we find interesting is that computers can dream! If MSM is at all to be trusted, Google has a computer that dreams and the image of that dream is below:


src :

    AI being programmed to learn. Computers that can dream. Hmmm.


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