Locked away for 3 years – Now what?

Hello lovelies! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I locked us into a building 3 years ago and refused to leave it until I had answers (admittedly, we are getting a bit jumpy). I promised those that I loved that I would fight this war of recovery or die trying. We were forced into that position and I had to diagnose myself and treat all us (Mark/Mike/Katy), after the system consistently failed us, decade after decade and fed us with pills that just made us sicker.

(The number 3, again! – Mike/Mark/Katy)

 Recovery reality has, yet again, crashed in and we are aware of our personal situation(s) and it’s never fun to peek in and see what’s wrong (especially after a split). Question is, what to do about it. Hard, very painful choices now – but hopefully, these life resets, removals and changes will help. Let’s just hope the dust settles quickly and with as few tears and pain as possible.

Ideas, ideas.

 It’s hard to not have the weight of the world on our shoulders, it’s the weight of our world that completely sucks right now. Arrrrg. If you’re in recovery too, we are sure you know what we are talking about.