When is TMI, TMI?

Hello lovelies. We hope your day is going well. We went back onto Facebook for 1 day and it wasn’t fun. Some not cool things went down and it’s like, “No thanks”.

A few people have told me I’m “brave” for sharing so much personal information about ourselves with the world. It’s kind of a mixed bag for us.  I/we don’t care about looking or appearing brave nor do I/we consider ourselves “brave” in that sense of the word.

Capitalizing on our experiences that no one should have to go through seems (Like writing a book about it), dishonest and cheap. Keeping our story to ourselves, considering who we are becoming, seems, disingenuous as well.

One of the perpetrators of that abuse told us “One day you are going to help someone with all that you have been through. Pretty sick and disgusting thing to do in our opinions. So what to do?

Other’s tell me me that we are the most like us (collectively or as Mike) when we write. So, here’s that blog. We aren’t sharing these experiences to be brave nor garner attention (closed comments), it’s not about that either. It’s our hope that someone who, perhaps who is suffering with what we are, may find their own answers to their puzzle with our story.

Perhaps someone who’s doing the same things we are with no answers may find something of value, here. “Holy shit!” this GUY (Some will get the LOL) is doing the same thing I am, this may be something”, kind of thing. I/we have been pretty worthless and hopeless most of our lives. Worth nothing to anyone. It’s the truth, we can handle it.

These people will most likely escape what they have done to us. So, how do we balance that Yin Yang with revenge? By doing what they tried to prevent. To express. To expose the beaver cleaver appearance they fed the world while they starved us. Literally. They destroyed our lives up until 3 years ago when we decided to take the reigns back.

What do you, lovely readers think? Is sharing non identifying but personal information too much or too little? When does your personal tragedy become someone else’s lithium? I/we think if we simply let our story fade into the darkness than everything we have experienced, every decade in hell we survived, even the horrible, heartbreaking pain of recovery is worthless.

MM and K