New Echo Decoded! :D Paramore; Monster

Hello lovelies! It seems Katy has been spun up for a few days. We are putting the DiD puzzle backwards sometimes, it seems. Katy saw a video she knew she was going to need to show me about a month ago (We split around this time).

I noted we started watching this one over and over again about a week ago. It just occurred to me TODAY that Katy, Mike and Mark were in water in this scene! The woman even sings about drowning. We don’t hear lyrics.”How!?!” do you ask I/we didn’t see it the first time and especially if we know now WHAT’S HAPPENING? 

It’s not Mike watching this video anymore. It’s someone else. Mike disconnects and is gone. Just a few minutes ago, I had the sense (Mike is becoming dominant again) to actually watch the story Katy encoded.  Pretty simple stuff! Check it out!

This echo is about Katy, Mike and Mark surviving their drowning. All 3 of us (We encode these scenes in 3) only to end up separated and fighting (Banging hands against walls – desperation) to find eachother. Katy is running for her life along with Mike (Mark?).

Eventually we all find eachother, navigating what’s left of our lives (Destroyed interior).  Dodging debris and sparks. We have already died once and know what death is like, so religion isn’t the answer. (Burned out church).

We end up in a room with no exit (Trapped). Oh shit. What now? Why’s really symbolic is the the fact that the water, at the end of the scene (bathtub) doesn’t contain any of us. We have moved away from it.

M and K