Our day just got worse but today is the Day of liberation, after 40 years.

Hello lovelies! We want to thank you for taking time of out of your day to visit us! 😀 We hope that in some small, we may be helping someone else. Want to know how much I was worth to them? 600 dollars. That’s it and we weren’t even paid off, completely on the spot. To willfully (and intentionally) destroy a person for your own sick means is beyond us, right now.

This story is disgusting, disheartening, terrifying, slimey and we feel so alone on the Earth right now. Today, however, is our Liberation Day. More coming soon but we feel  EXACTLY  like this right now.


Purchased like an animal and turned into one. Our lives could have been saved. It was made sure that our live was destroyed. Crushed.