The Rock. When movie scenes aren’t what they appear. (Anatomy of an Echo)

Hello lovelies! Thanks for coming by our blog! We appreciate the time you spend here when you could be spending it elsewhere. Rough few days but we are still kicking.

Imagine watching the same movie scene, hundreds of thousands (If not millions) of times for apparently to you, no reason. It’s just something you do and suicide and depression usually follow those scenes. This is referred to an “Echo” what does it mean?

This movie, “The Rock” put us into a mental hospital on a few occasions. For decades we were stuck on the same movies, the same scenes, over and over and over to the point of literal madness. Because we were improperly diagnosed because of lies (Not to mention laziness), omission(s) and torture, our true diagnosis(s) went unseen.

This scene, from “The Rock” is one of Mark/Mike’s echoes! What could it possibly mean? We have, again, the same recurrent themes in this scene:

  1. Water
  2. Death
  3. Fire

Mark, in this case is addressing me and YOU/whoever we share this scene with and saying “I’m coming before you to protest a grave injustice’. Our torture, our adoption. Our lives. This scene never made a lick of sense because I don’t have a dead wife. I’m not in the military nor did I serve. So what the hell could it possibly mean, why this scene?

The one question, WHY, WHY are we watching this scene tens of thousands of times only appeared us once, and it was right after our kidnapping. We also, have numerous military persona fragmentations that ties together General Hummel with Mike/Mark/Katy.

This is a Moment of Trauma echo! When we died (literally stopped breathing and died) and came back, Mark/Mike believed that Katy was dead and Mark/Mike had violent, unfinished business. He and I are afraid Katy, who’s the best part of us, is dead and gone. We don’t want her to be ashamed of us, our response to our torture.

Our deaths, coffin and effigy(s) has been drawing and expressed before, many times.

Note the 3 leaf structure of plants bursting through our coffin. Mike. Mark. Katy. We had no idea why we were drawing this. This is Katy/Mike/Mark’ expressing combined anguish (Heavy outlining). Also, we had no idea we were drawing and encoding things in the number 3. Our entire lives, it went un-noticed.

What ties this scene together is water, yet again. Moment of Trauma (MOT) echoes always contain water and death – they are almost mutually exclusive in every scene we have encoded.

Mark /Mike Moment Of Trauma, missing out on Katy’s life but
protecting her


Mike’s/Mark’s Moment Of Trauma, fighting against his own Moment of Trauma (MOT).

It took us decades for us to understand how echoing works and what it means. Some people ask me/us, why share so much personal information about these echos? We have literally hundreds of thousands of different echos. It’s NOT what we are sharing, it’s what we aren’t sharing publicly that”s important and echo’s contexts. Echo’s can be very broad or VERY intimate.

Do you echo yourself? How long did it take you to figure out that you were echoing scenes from movies?

M and K


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