A vision. The survivalist.

Hello all. Someone hasn’t burned through their creative energy just yet. We finally ate something after a few days having nothing. I was on the deck, listening to the wind blow and I had a flashback. A physical one. I was transported to a place with the same conditions. Wind Colder air. Children playing. Chilly skin. At the same moment I was having a vision, Here it is.

I was in a car listening to the radio crackling. F-16’s and A-10’s were flying Nap Of The Earth (Close to the ground) and their engines rattled the closed trucks windows. I had loaded my pack the night before after the war started. With my experience in SHTF training and survivalism, I was asked┬áto rescue someone from a city after the lights went out.

I was asked to rescue this person. I was looking towards the setting sun to the West. the person who asked me to help was sitting next to me. We weren’t saying anything. We were too frightened.

I was smacking gun listening to the radio announcer fading in – rough static. No one knew what hit the country but it took the lights out. There was bedlam and I was convinced this was a suicide mission. To go into the one place you want to avoid during a conflict – a no no.

Driving forward, the dispossessed and the hungry were walking, hobbling, dragging themselves out of the city burning behind them. I was shaking my head – what the hell was I doing. I had expected at least a few days in the city looking for who we were looking for. We were prepared.

I was rubbing my finger across the metal handle of my throwing knife in it’s sheath, wrapped with paracord. In this vision, I’m shaking my head listening to the staticy voice describing how the war started, how many people were killed when the city’s infrastructure collapsed.

Everyone knew the conflict was coming but the “EMP” took everyone by surprise. Nothing worked. Cars wouldn’t even start, as their computer chips were blown out by the EMP strike. “Mike, what are you thinking” I heard the driver say. Still shaking my head, I said, “Thank God we changed the solenoid”. I replied. “I really hope they stayed put, this is going to be a nightmare”.

My pack was loaded with two climbing ropes as I had expected a climb up the side of building.

What were we walking into?

Weird vision. Weird flashback. Very weird.




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  1. […] So, my lovelies, what a CRAZY 24 hours wow. we have an idea. We might very well start another short story series(Goes back to adoption) series. A Vision: The Survivalist. We will use Mark and Katy as the roles. Katy asks Mark to head into a major city and rescue someone during the “Austerity Riots”. We wrote a short intro, just to try and get a feel for something. You can find it here […]


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