A dance in steerage (Poem)

Hello lovelies. Someone still isn’t done writing, so here we go. Many of you don’t know that I have been writing poetry since I was a kid. I/we are trying different formats of poetry writing, trying to find a good balance. 

A dance in steerage.

Take my by the hand let me spin you round the room,
Close your eyes enjoy the wind in your hair..
Look into my eyes as I pull you close,
Put your hand onto my chest – gaze at me silently…

Rightfully, the crowd is stunned by your beauty,
I’m the only one who really see’s you…
Have no fear – It’s alright to smirk in the dark,
You know the bright world above you is a lie…

Hold me close – The night will soon end too quickly,
Feel my heartbeat as the piano notes crash…
The sun is rising my dear – I cannot let go,
It’s time for you to return to the world you deserve.

I’m holding the rose you slid from your hair and gave to me,
Allowing your beautiful hair fall past your shoulders…
The night is already over and I can finally breath again,
Happily,  I know I will never dance again…

M and K