What do the animated GIF’s on this blog mean?

Hello lovelies. Recovery man. Mark our words, when you start recovery,  as Eric Thomas said, “If you count the cost, you would quit, you don’t count the cost“. How fucking true is that. Days and days of crying. Awful. Anyways:

We have received more than one email (Thanks Dave) asking what the animated gifs on our blog mean, considering there isn’t any text. We apologize. Each animated gif you see is something called an “Echo”. It’s our form of communication with others to express emotions, feelings, needs, ect. Many times, during a split we become who we are echoing. This, as we have deemed it (Considering we had to diagnose ourselves), persona fragmentation.

Each time we flash one, we are telling our readers, friends, family ect, what we are experiencing. The reason we post them is because we generally don’t reach out but we want to keep those close to us up to date as to how we are doing. There ya go.

  In this case, we will use Katy’s Gif (Currently):
What you see is what you experience:Katybath
Katy (therefore the rest of us) is telling
you (And me) that we are/feel cold, wet, naked,
alone and terrified.

This is also a moment of trauma echo, but more about that later. Echos come in both visual and audio formats. More about that later, as well.  I/we will have to make some kind of art to inform readers of actual echos, somehow.

PS: Sorry for the typos. This God forsaken computer is all messed up.


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