Attention “survivalists” on Youtube…

  Persona Frag Potential: Don Shipley
Echo? Yes
Possession/split : Yes

Do not show everyone on Earth all your supplies by shooting videos of all of your supplies and putting those videos on Youtube. Why? You’re only showing everyone in your town (And world) that’s going to end up hungry and frightened that your house is loaded down with goodies and supplies. Be smart. In the event of a social emergency, you should be hiding your food/supplies from bandits/marauders/dirtbags, anyways.

  Sometimes, in plain sight.

PS: I don’t know why we like the word “Dirtbag” but it’s fun to say and it’s a great word to play word games with. Dirtbag. Dirtbaggery, “This guy’s a dirtbag”. We dunno. Probably a nervous tic. lol. Dirtbag.