Hooked on disaster. (Changing Lanes)

People can be addicted to anything. Booze, pills, feeling bad, buying things, anything.

 When people ask “Have you hit rock bottom?”, newsflash, THERE IS NO BOTTOM. You can always fall down harder and deeper and it won’t stop. What we like is the fact that sobriety is just as much a social contract as a personal one and that’s displayed, here.

  This scene is well done and mimics, quite well, the same kinds of arguments that I/we have witnessed in AA meetings (including  a few sobriety arguments we have gotten into, ourselves).

This persona frag (The guy talking) popped up a few days ago, in the flesh as a fully realized character/echo for someone close to us. This movie was a big one for us. We first saw this movie when we were trying to dry out for the first time and it’s been with us for decades.