What does this look like to you?

Hello lovely readers. Thanks for stopping by – it’s really nice your spending your time here when it could be had elsewhere. Makes all of us feel nice, too.

It feels like, in recovery, everyday you get your ass kicked and the next day you get your ass handed to you again. Rawr, you know? That’s ok, we don’t want to die without any scars. (10 bucks if you know what that movie line was from).

We are studying Amy Lee as a persona fragmentation again. Katy started spinning up a few days ago and oddly, we are echoing lines from “Contact”. She may very well end up dominant today.

  Katy is starting to peek her head out again, the dust is settling after a few straight days of crying. KatypeekOh, recovery, you so scary.

  So, we have a new echo we are studying. We are all kind of scratching our heads as to what it means. To me, Mike, this seems like Katy finally relaxed – finally in a place where she can breathe and take stock. Content? Singing about something happier?


Is Katy finally free, at least in context? The fact that she’s kind of just draped over the chair would suggest (hanging arms) she’s either comfortable or wiped out.  The fire in the background makes us wonder, however. Fire is extremely significant in our lives and indicates trauma and or victimization. What do you guys think?

What we came to learn is that when we encode or echo something we see or hear, we pay extreme attention to detail of everything. Nothing escapes our eyes but for decades, we didn’t understand that. Each echo has a very, very specific meaning and we are getting closer to catch them in real time, the first time we see them – as opposed to watching the same movie scenes over and over again.

Shutter Island. 3 children drowned. 2 boys and 1 girl. Mike, Mark and Katy.

MOTshutterIslandThis is both a Moment of Realization (MOR) and a Moment of Trauma Echo (MOT)

This movie became a very, very serious problem, the first time we saw it. We echoed it, endlessly, millions of times for years, for what we thought was for no reason – driving us into insanity in the process.

M and K