Chives: The Interstellar connection.

Hello lovelies! 😀 So many different things to write about..what to write about today. We don’t like posting a lot, honestly because we don’t wanna overload people’s inboxes with blog posts (Those who follow us).

There are too many topics we could write about self recovery. It’s almost hard to choose what to write about next! We definitely want to write about DiD and the dangers of video games. Perhaps on our next post. Today,we are planting plants, again. This just appeared out of nowhere, this planting thing – just as this planting thing started before, years ago.

There’s a connection. Interstellar, once again, encoded with our life story. Also, encoded in 3’s.

We saw Interstellar after our dog Princess died. We had to put her down. For reasons that those who know me understand, having to kill an animal – just awful. I loved Princess more than life itself. The movie Interstellar was ripe for our minds to encode, considering what happened and the emotional state we were in.

As it goes with DiD magnified by Autism, when we choose a persona fragmentation, it’s a full body (Possession) experience. Before recovery we didn’t know that multiple alters of me existed, much less that they were operating in the flesh, so to speak. Our lives were destroyed over it – now, however, we see what’s happening (As we have been catching Mark and Katy and ME, much faster,now).

For no reason a few years ago, we just started planting plants all over the house. Chives, onions, tomatoes. Even a case manager saw the transformation and they didn’t detect it. No one did. So what’s the connection? Insterstellar? Chives – plants?

The connection is that Cooper and his son were both farmers! If you haven’t seen Interstellar, we wont spoil the story for you.

During this phase, I was constantly echoing Interstellar. Every. Single. Second. Someone close to us was “startled” that I appeared just as Casey Affleck in Interstellar. Baseball Hat, beard. Sometimes, living with DiD can be good in that you become a chameleon in both body and spirit.

I took a picture of myself, at the time and sent it to someone close to me. They had said that it was “Shocking” how much I actually looked like Casey Affleck in Interstellar. Full body/mind possession. You unknowingly becoming those characters, with their own emotions, agendas, opinions and desires. Until you realize it’s happening, it becomes a living nightmare.

Mike/Mark’s moment of trauma (Drowning).  This isn’t the first time a wave, water and death themes have been expressed.
Our echoing is a very intimate act, the most intimate act possible for us and we echo very specific things for very specific reasons to very specific people.

  So now, we know, with evidence, that Cooper or Casey Affleck has been chosen as a persona fragmentation. We are in one way or another selecting behaviors that are associated with farming because a character in a movie is associated with it. The tricky part is understanding when a current reality is fading out and another one is fading in.

  What makes DiD so difficult to live in is that you’re never really one person for very long – everything in your life can change in an instant (Splitting). For perhaps a few days, maybe a few months, you now are Cooper. Planting, studying physics, space sciences and then of course, there is the savior role that is also a constantly recurring theme. Also, there are two other versions of you as well, fighting for existence, as well.

  This complex set of associations can turn into a giant ball of wires until it’s straightened and can lead to tragic personal consequences, as well. Until you realize you are fully realized as someone else, you’re never yourself, ever. Bits and chunks and fragments of imagination/desperation gone wild.

  As we have been self studying about DiD, Autism, PTSD and other sciences of psychology, we are beginning to understand that we must fuse all versions of Mike, Mark and Katy together. Combined artistry – if you will.

  So there you have it. Planting it is. The chives are still alive, by the way!

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    • No, no! The thank you for stopping by when you could be elsewhere! It’s really nice to hear that you find the information here useful. We really needed to hear that this evening.

      Stay lovely!



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