Video Games and DiD. Beware.

Hello lovelies! Thank you for stopping by our blog today! That makes us feel really great! 😀 We have wanted to tackle this subject for a while but we wanted to make sure we had our ducks in a row before writing.

There has always been a debate whether or not video games are as dangerous (You can be addicted to anything) as drugs that influence EVERYONE, not just “Teens” or, video games are simply a form of free artistic expression that is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

The honest truth, for us, after being stuck in them for 40 years our answer is unequivocally BOTH. Video games in the hands of someone who is avoiding reality can get really ugly, really fast. In our case, however, video games weren’t an addiction, they were our version of existing as movie characters that became addictive. It wasn’t the video game itself it was the character becoming that much more real that we didn’t understand until it was too late.

When we were children, video games was yet another avenue in which to escape the reality of the adoptive home that we were in. It was one of our only refuges left, a fantasy world of of buttons and sounds, which people with Autism seem to dominate. It should be noted that the brain actually chemically reacts to the player playing the game.

As we began to echo more and more movies, more and more characters, speaking in our native tongue – the themes of the games we played matched correctly to the unknown alter persona fragmentation, even today. We will use, “Iron Eagle” as an example.

Since we were 12 years old, we would fire up our computer and do what? Fly F16’s and bomb airfields. For hours, for days at a time. Because we didn’t know a “Doug Masters” even EXISTED as a persona fragmentation. It was always the same action, over and over again. Load up jet with weapons, fly to airfield, bomb airfield, come home.

To hide abuse and the horrors my brother and I faced in that home, our adoptive family enabled this extremely dangerous behavior – which only made the addiction, itself, worse. That was the plan.

These simulations are the same simulations that the U.S. Military uses to train it’s pilots. This is serious stuff we are talking about and these simulators are amazingly, stunningly accurate – this reinforces the Autistic side of our brain that simply loves technical details – our pleasure receptors loooooooove the tiny details and of course, Katy and Mike’s love art.

The problem really starts when an alter becomes dominant, say, we have been bombing airfields all day long – now we go back to real life, not realizing we are still co-engaged as Doug Masters. Doug Masters is young, brash, foul mouthed, you know the whole “Pretty lookin’ 80’s outlaw” routine.

So, that’s what you become and you’re not even aware that Doug Masters is still completely engaged and dominant. (Read here about what it’s like to split). You’re not aware that you’re not you anymore. You’re not aware that your recreating a movie. You aren’t aware of where you live, what town you’re in.

The real problem begins when Mark, Mike (Depending on who is Doug Masters) or Katy fight back for control over our mind and body (Possession). This is where things get even uglier. Perhaps Mike is pissed that it’s 4am and Mark, who’s holding compartmentalized anger and fury wants to bomb the shit out of someone, just as Doug Masters did, trying to save his dad. Katy,  is sad and just wants to sleep.

It’s maddening and exhausting – Video games simple exacerbates alter dominance and the fight for it.

Video games and the technology (Computers) to run them can run in the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how deep you want to get into this addiction of video games. We knew simulator pilots that were dumping thousands up thousands of dollars into this “Hobby” and just getting deeper and deeper into the hole of the powerdless addiction.

Video games themselves aren’t dangerous, it’s the user that’s dangerous with them, just as any other form of addiction. Where we live, we have seen people addicted to social media (This is a big one), fitness, yoga, coffee, their appearance -. It’s amazingly simple. People are addicts and they don’t even know it – and this goes for video games, as well.

To say that blame video games on the ills of their users isn’t the right answer – just a lazy one and the answer of an addict, still strung out. It comes down to understanding that avoiding reality can become extremely easy with the intense, movie quality video games being produced today. Too easy.

We have seen reports of people dying in front of their computers or consoles because they stopped eating and sleeping. Hopelessly addicted to the fantasy world that’s better than their own (Or at least they think).

Video games, from our personal experience can cause instant dominant persona splits, depending on the theme of the video game being played and other stressors.

People battling with DiD, in our opinions need to be completely aware of how dangerous video games can become – Inversely, video games can be a good way to express and decompress.

Be careful with video games, our lovely DiD readers, they will assist in destroying your life just like another other addiction.

M and K