It’s exactly like this. (A Beautiful Mind)

When you come back to reality from a split. It’s so scary. We came back to reality about a week ago.  We are rocking back and forth, yanking on our hair (It’s getting long, which is nice). The reality of our earth related mathematics is beginning to sink in as Mike is back in control and aware of his surroundings.

It’s the proudest achievement in our lives and we can’t even share it with those we love because the truth hurts. That hurts us. The enormity of our find is overstressing us and scaring us. Reality, this time came back into focus and its just as frightening as the last time.

Our FEOML moment, visualized as John Nash’s Governing Dynamics moment (And our’s even involves a woman, too!). We were pretty sure John Nash was a persona fragmentation and we discovered him about 6 months ago as a possible fragment.

Consider it wood’s shock, indoors.

We are happy to confirm today that we have identified a new persona, John Nash. This movie is also encoded in 3.

This is another good and very accurate description of what it’s like for us to come back into reality. The only difference is, I don’t visually see Mark or Katy. They take over our minds and bodies (possession). They speak to me a lot,through my own speech. For us, every split we come back from is just like this, over and over again.

“It’s only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found”. –John Nash