Stop it!

Hello lovelies. We hope your mid week is going OK! Thank you for spending your time here when it could be spent somewhere else. Boy, we will tell you what. You know you’re in recovery when you begin to feel empowered by pain and anger (Mark?). Getting your ass kicked in front of everyone and then looking forward to another one.

swordsmanget up

A note to people selling things and this goes for doctors selling books and pills, too. We are not interested in reblogging you or promoting your products. We will simply remove your comments and emails. Stop sending us emails, we have written a few books, too – we won’t be promoting yours. Ever.

This blog isn’t about making money and promotion, again, it’s for mental health awareness and stigma prevention. How you guys are missing this fact when it’s posted all over our blog, is beyond us.


M and K


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